You Might Be a Procrastinator If… (Pt. II)

You Might Be a Procrastinator If… (Pt I)

In last week’s article, we discovered the first five signs you are procrastinating. In case you missed that article go here to give it a read.

Here are the final five reasons you might be a procrastinator:

  1. Fear of failure or success–It’s easy to think about being afraid of being seen as a failure, but being afraid of success? Yes. There are lots of people who are afraid of success. I can attest to this. When I was growing up, I never wanted to make straight A’s. I knew my parents would never accept another report card with anything less than all A’s for the rest of my education. What pressure. Success brings its own set of responsibilities. When you don’t succeed (i.e. get all A’s again) you feel as if you’ve let someone down (parents, supporters, customers, etc.). To combat these feelings and to succeed, make a plan and move forward. Even if you fail, you will know you did your best.
  2. You fear change-You face change every day of your life. It’s the natural way the world works. Embrace change and you’ll be free from worry; able to move forward and achieve your goals.
  3. Lack of interest or boredom–If you’re not finding interest in things you once enjoyed or something you were excited about, this could be a sign of depression or a vitamin deficiency. If your lack of interest in things is bothersome, seek professional help. Once you’ve ruled out a medical cause, reevaluate your plan and the actions you’re taking. If you touch upon anything that doesn’t bring you joy, outsource it, delegate it, or eliminate it.
  4. Issues in Your Personal Life–If you’re suffering in your relationships due to issues with lateness or unreliability, it can be because of procrastination. If this describes you, seek professional counseling with your partner and even your friends to help you uncover why.

I feel as if I can’t stress this point enough. There is no shame in seeking professional help when you need to.

  1. You’re Often Late–If you’re late to work, to fun, to everything–more than a few times a week, you are a chronic procrastinator. Take some time to figure out how to get back on board with your life. Even if you don’t like it, this world moves fast, and you’ll be fall behind if you can’t manage your time. But it won’t happen by accident. Plan your life and give yourself enough time to achieve what you want.

There you have it – eleven reasons or signs of procrastination. If you note you’re doing any of these, you are indulging in procrastination. Everyone suffers from procrastination. It’s okay to put off things every once in a while. However, for more serious issues such as you’re late to work to the point your job is in jeopardy, your home is becoming unsafe, or you are not healthy, it’s crucial to seek help from a professional because you may suffer from major anxiety and or depression.

Patricia “Pat” Bumpass is a ghostwriter, self-care advocate, author, and parent coach. She encourages and empowers women and parents with special needs kids to love themselves. Pat is North Carolina “born and bred” and loves coffee — hot or iced. You will often hear her say, “Twertles make me happy.” 🙂 

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