April 17, 2021


Carol Ann Whitt
VP Product Development & Sales
American Fiber and Finishing
Carol Ann Whitt,
VP Product Development & Sales
American Fiber and Finishing

I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Bumpass for several years on internal communications and an externally facing website.  She was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the job was done correctly and delivered on time.  She was professional and articulate in all her interactions.  I would highly recommend her for any business looking to outsource communications.  

Tawanda Charles, Success Strategist
Success Strategist

I am so thankful that I discovered Patricia.  She has an amazing work ethic and her wholehearted approach to turning systems and course creation into pathways with a focus on balancing service and training delivery far exceeded my expectations. She is quite simply a joy to work with, adopting your business as if it were her own, and a genius at helping you to identify, develop and implement every step in the client journey from learning to discovery, simplifying the process and making it happen far more quickly and easily than you ever could on your own.

I hugely, highly recommend working with Patricia if you know your business has the capacity to grow, but wrapping your head and heart around the pathways puzzle is something you just haven’t nailed yet. The investment will be one of the best you have ever made. 

And the results? Fantastic! I tripled the enrollments in my Group Mentoring Program, and have increased my list by 20% through my leads as a direct result of our work together.