Let’s Talk About Loving Ourselves

Let’s Talk About Loving Ourselves

Have you ever stopped to think about how much we seek approval from the outside world? It’s a never-ending hunt for likes, nods, and pats on the back. 

What if we flipped the script and started giving ourselves some much-needed love and approval instead? 

I’m talking about self-love. Believe me, it’s not just a passing trend, and it’s high time we explore it.

Self-love is about getting to know and appreciate ourselves, flaws and all. It’s about saying, “Hey, I’m pretty great,” even when we make mistakes or don’t live up to our own or others’ expectations. It’s about treating ourselves with the same kindness and patience we offer to a good friend.

Why is self-love such a game-changer? 

It touches everything — from the way we deal with life’s rollercoaster rides to how we interact with others. When we’re solid in our self-love, we’re more resilient, confident, and happier. It sets the tone for how others treat us and helps us embrace our unique selves without getting caught up in the exhausting game of comparison.

I’m going to share with you some ways to start your self-love journey.

Get real with yourselves – Pay attention to what’s going on inside your head and heart. Notice when you’re being your own worst critic and turn those thoughts around to something more loving and supportive.

Let’s talk about self-care – And no, it’s not all bubble baths and face masks (though those are nice!). It’s also about doing things that make your body feel good, like moving it in a way that feels joyful, feeding it nourishing foods, or simply permitting yourself to take a break when you need it.

Boundaries are a biggie – Learn to say no to stuff that drains you and say yes to things that light you up. Protect your energy and make sure you’re not just pouring from an empty cup.

One of my favorite quotes attributed to Zig Ziglar speaks to this: “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.”

Remember (practice) gratitude – It’s easy to focus on what we think we lack, but change the focus to what you’re thankful for. That’s where the magic happens. Celebrate small wins and find joy in the journey, not just the destination.

What do you think? Ready to embark on a self-love adventure? It isn’t always easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but oh, it’s worth the effort. 

As we grow in self-love, the world becomes a brighter place. 

Let’s do this!


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Discover the Power of Self-Love

Self-love is not selfish.

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Patricia “Pat” Bumpass is a ghostwriter, self-care advocate, author, and parent coach. She encourages and empowers women and parents with special needs kids to love themselves. Pat is North Carolina “born and bred” and loves coffee — hot or iced. You will often hear her say, “Twertles make me happy.” 🙂 

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