Focus and Thrive

At the end of the day, you can’t control the results; you can only control your
effort level and your focus. ~ Ben Zobrist

Photo by Elena Taranenko on Unsplash

There are some important things to remember when you try to increase your productivity.

You’re trying – Remember you’re trying something new! These habits and techniques are new to you, and even if you have heard of them before, they are still new in your life at this moment. The first step was to decide that you want to. You’re spending your time wisely to try to become a better version of yourself tomorrow, and that is incredible.

Sometimes trying means falling short. That’s okay. Nobody’s perfect. You are beginning a new journey of self-discovery and growth. With progress you do the best you can do. It doesn’t have to be big progress or small progress. If you are moving forward, whether it is big or small. Be proud of yourself for each step you take in the direction of your goal.

You are on a journey – Of self-discovery. You’re trying to find out what works for you. Not everything that works for others will work for you. You may have to change some things, get rid of others, and add your flair to techniques. Don’t be afraid to adapt both productivity systems and you to make things work.

Life is about being flexible and focused – Regardless of whether you alter some of these techniques to work for you, your focus must not falter. Remain focused on your goals, live into them with all you have.

Utilize your systems – Focus is also reliant on the systems you set up. You might load your plate up too high at the start and realize that you can’t handle it. That is okay! Adjust your plans or goals to work for you.

Pivot when needed – Don’t beat yourself up if you need to adjust your plans. Experiment to find what works. What worked 3 months ago might not work today. You may need to tweak your plans based on each project or workplace changes. Everything isn’t always going to go according to plan.

Change happens – Don’t panic at unexpected changes. They are bound to happen at some point. Instead, welcome change as a new adventure. Get excited. Change helps you create the perfect productivity system for you. You are your best teacher, motivator, and guide. Stay focused on why you’re doing this.

You are doing it for you – Focus on how you’ll feel when you realize that your sleep, your mornings, and your workdays are a more pleasant and productive experience. You can and will continue to thrive by focusing on the good.

Productivity is not the be all end all – You are not perfect. You are not a robot. You don’t need to be productive every minute of every day. Rough days will come. You might nor achieve all you have on your to-do list. This is natural.


Embrace the unexpected, take a deep breath, and remind yourself you are human. If you find yourself becoming stressed over productivity, take that as a sign you should take a break from planning your productivity. Instead, plan out your next chance to relax.

Allow yourself to thrive during this journey. When you become more productive you also become a healthier more self-aware version of you. Self-awareness means knowing when to take a break and try again later. Sometimes it means quitting or letting go.


I am worthy of achieving my dreams.
I am focused on my goals.
I am productive.

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