Jump into Positivity: 35 Quotes & Affirmation to Empower Women to Love Themselves“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” Zig Ziglar
Women are the superheroes of this world. Traditionally women are called upon to take care of the kids, the home, and the bills. In general, they are expected to be everything to everybody. So much so that they have lot their identity. They have lost sight of their hopes and dreams.
Using quotes and affirmations, Jump into Positivity will help you reflect on who you are and motivate you to step into your own power.
This book will inspire you to reconnect to who you are. It is meant to be a source of inspiration and encouragement. Repeat any quote or affirmation as needed to help you make it through your day.
Jump into Positivity is the guidebook every woman needs to conquer herself and the world.
Yellow Car BingoWhen parents contemplate their child’s future, they often turn to school to educate and prepare him to go out into the world and achieve greatness.
Walking through the educational system is hard. Navigating special education is complicated and confusing, but it can be done with success. He can grow up to be caring and productive.

Inside Yellow Car Bingo: A Black Mama’s Journey Through Special Education you’ll find:

    • One woman’s trials and triumphs as she advocates for a son labeled with a diagnosis she has never heard of.
    • In addition, you’ll find courage, strength, and hope that you can advocate for your child with special needs.
    • You’ll find those dreams you imagined for the baby you held in your arms at birth. They may differ slightly from your original thoughts, but they are dreams, nonetheless.

This book is for all the parents who have set aside their dreams to care for their differently-abled child. One day you may hear your young person say, “Yellow Car Bingo.”

Siobhan & Grayson: A Love Half-Baked RomanceSiobhan Cunningham’s focus is on building her bakery business, Pound Cake Love, and expanding it into catering. There’s no room in her life for romance. Until a smart handsome restaurateur whisks his way into her heart.

Grayson Abbott owns the trendy restaurant, Sixty-Three located a few blocks from Pound Cake Love, the bakery he frequents almost daily. Although he has a Playboy reputation, he’s really a romantic at heart. He’s been hurt in the past and hasn’t thought about love or settling down until he runs into a certain raven-haired maven and bakery owner.

The couple bond over a mutual love of all things sweet and savory. Will a misunderstanding lead to heartbreak for both?

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