5 Ways to be Productive at Work

5 Ways to be Productive at Work

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” ~ Lena Horne

Whether you’re measured for what you produce in your job or you just want some helpful tips for being more productive, here are five helpful ways to be more productive in the workplace.

1. Concentrate on One Task

Multitasking is a great concept in theory, but it isn’t effective. TO feel accomplished, concentrate on one task at a time and bring it to completion before starting your next project. Putting all your attention to one task at a time also helps ensure the job gets done thoroughly rather than rushed.

2. Delegate When Needed

Ask coworkers for their help when you’re feeling overwhelmed. If you have an important job due soon, asking a coworker to help with a smaller task will ensure you have time to work on the project. You’ll be able to focus on tasks related to the assignment rather than spending your time on work that other team members can accomplish.

3. Eliminate or Limit Distractions

Try not to check social media during designated work time. It will also help if you limit interactions with your coworkers while working on an important project. This doesn’t mean you’ll never talk with the people you work with again; it simply means you’ve focused on your task and want to complete it before engaging with anything or anyone else. You can schedule to talk with them during mutual breaks.

4. Schedule Your Day in Blocks

If you’re a planner, schedule your day in blocks. This gives you time to focus on one task at a time. Block scheduling involves setting up specific work tasks in 60–90-minute increments with a few breaks in between. Depending on the extent of your work, your schedule may change from day-to-day.

5. Walk Away When Necessary

Taking a break may seem counterproductive, but it’s a great way to maintain productivity. Workplace burnout is real. Burnout stems from not taking breaks during your workday. If you don’t take time to recharge, your brain may feel like it’s running on E(empty).


There are many things that vie for our attention at work. These five tips will help you be more productive at work. Try them.


I am focused and determined to be productive
I no longer allow bad habits to influence my life
I will act and get things accomplished

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