September 25, 2018


Hi, I’m Pat Bumpass and I’m glad you’re here.

I’m a professional copywriter and content strategist specializing in creating effective email marketing campaigns for B2B companies.

I also write awesome blog posts and e-newsletters that will attract your ideal clients and keep your current clients engaged with your business.

Why Hire Me?

Because you want results.

With my knowledge of business, HR and the healthcare industries, I can help you get those results from your content.

Sometimes it can be difficult to put your thoughts and ideas into just the right words or convey just the right message to your target audience.

I can help develop high-quality content for your business that will increase your click-through rates and ultimately increase your profits.

Whether you need emails, B2B content for your articles, blog, or marketing materials, partner with me so that I can help get your message across to your ideal clients/customers.

Contact me TODAY for all of your content needs.


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